Mark Lindo

Coastal and Marine Engineer

mark lindo
  • Area of Expertise

    Mr. Lindo is a senior advisor specialized in coastal and offshore engineering, coastal protection, integrated coastal zone management, land reclamation, and port and breakwater design. As Head of Engineering of one of the largest dredging, marine, and offshore contractors in the world he has been responsible for and has extensive experience in leading the engineering of major design and construction projects all over the world. Mr. Lindo has been a member of several Advisory Committees on coastal engineering and flood prevention and was Vice President of the Royal Dutch Institute of Engineers, section Civil/Hydraulic Engineering.

  • Professional Experience

    Head of Research and Development, later Head of Engineering of Van Oord Dredging and Marine Contractors and its predecessors

    Part-time associate of Delft University of Technology

    Project Engineer FC de Weger (since 2001 merged with Royal Haskoning DHV)

  • Key Projects

    ◉ Reconstruction design of Tripoli Breakwater, Libya; Arzew al Djedid breakwater Algeria; Haina breakwaters, Dominican Republic

    ◉ Senior expert in the Port and Delta Consortium to improve access to Shanghai via the Yangtze Estuary

    ◉ Coastal protection schemes in various countries, like the Netherlands, Indonesia, Malaysia, Ghana, UK, France, India and Dubai, incorporating beach nourishments, breakwaters, groynes, and/or reefs.

  • Academic Qualification

    MSc – Civil Engineering, Faculty of Coastal Engineering, Delft University of Technology