Our Expertise


Master Planning and Design


The professionals at STREE have been involved in the end-to-end delivery of a significant number of projects to international standards. These projects have not only been prestigious but, more importantly, commercially and financially successful. They include commercial towers, residential buildings, large-scale mixed-use urban communities, marine, and waterfront development, shopping malls, gated residential low-rise communities, as well as major city-scale infrastructure works.

STREE is in the unique position of being able to gather the best minds for master planning, architecture and for all engineering and to put them to work in full and active cooperation in the execution of the design. Equally importantly STREE will move forward after the design is complete to oversee every aspect of the construction with their highly-informed knowledge of each professional’s design intent.

The aggregation of professionals under a single leadership entity is particularly important regarding the efficiency of the effort and the coordination of the results. With a professional team effectively “sitting around the same table” work can progress smoothly, priorities are shared, and all the benefits of cross-discipline creative symbiosis can be realized.

While, importantly, one vision is shared around the table the caliber of the professionals brought together by STREE will generate a level of creativity above what any one participating firm would achieve in isolation. This is possible as a result of the careful selection of each expert, known from experience for their ability to engage enthusiastically in cross-discipline teamwork.

The ability of professionals, no matter how highly regarded, to work well in team environments cannot be taken for granted. With the leadership of Stree and their professional team the whole will be greater than the sum of the parts.

From a technical standpoint, numerous decisions depend on the interaction of multiple technologies within a single design element. Architects and engineers need to work closely together sharing their objectives and willingly changing them on the basis of discovered opportunities and information on the most recent technical advances.

Planners and architects need to be open-minded regarding the input of landscape architects who bring a body of knowledge and an aesthetic perspective which can best be realized if the others are present, willing, and able to adjust their designs in full teamwork.

With regard to sustainability, engineers can achieve far more efficient buildings if the architects understand the finer details of the latest technology and can incorporate them into the very essence of a design rather than have them as add-ons.

The key to such technical interaction is mutual respect, enthusiastic teamwork, and a single strong, consistent, and trusted leadership by those who are deeply familiar with the development process, who have well-informed cost control experts, who are conversant with all stages of internationally-sourced procurement and who have an international construction track record.