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About Us

At STREE, we view our role as development managers being similar to that of a symphony conductor whereby we meticulously synchronize all relevant workstreams to ensure that everyone performs according to one unified and value-maximizing business plan throughout the project’s development cycle.


STREE Development has formed strategic alliances with world-renowned firms in regional planning, design, and engineering. STREE is in the unique position of being able to gather the best minds for master planning, architecture, and all engineering and to put them to work in full and active cooperation in the execution of the design.

Equally importantly STREE will move forward after the design is complete to oversee every aspect of the construction with their highly-informed knowledge of each professional’s design intent.

Regional Planning and Urban Design

Calthorpe Associates

Founded in 1983, Calthorpe Associates is an award-winning design firm recognized for its innovative leadership in regional planning and urban design

Widely regarded as one of the USA’s most influential urban design firms, improving communities from coast to coast and overseas

Based in Berkeley, California, the firm is a national leader in smart growth, a founding partner in the Congress for New Urbanism, and active across the world in designing and implementing the next generation of sustainable plans, policies, and development projects .


Pei Partnership Architects (PPA)

Pei Partnership Architects (PPA), established in 1992 and located in New York City, is a full-service international design practice focused on design excellence.

Partners Chien Chung (Didi) Pei and Li Chung (Sandi) Pei, together with a team of seasoned and gifted professionals, create distinguished, innovative designs.

PPA’s work is thoughtful, well-built, and responsive to society’s needs and respect for the past, and responsiveness to the present in the pursuit of enduring architecture is the foundation of the firm’s work.


LERA, Leslie E. Robertson Associates

LERA, Leslie E. Robertson Associates is a Consulting Structural Engineers are rendering their services from four offices in New York, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Mumbai. Since their founding in 1923, they have designed numerous landmark projects across the world and established a strong reputation for design and technical excellence. Today, LERA’s talented professionals continue the tradition of creating innovative, yet constructible and economical structural designs.

Their portfolio includes a wide variety of building types of every size and level of complexity and they have accomplished unique and award-winning designs for new buildings as well as renovations to existing and historic structures.

Their services include complete structural designs, feasibility studies, peer reviews, value engineering, computational design, blast analysis and design, forensic consulting, and special inspections.

MEP Engineering

Lehr Engineering

Lehr Engineering, established in 1969, is a world-renowned consulting mechanical-electrical engineering with successfully completed projects on 6 Continents. They are well-known for their innovation and successful application of leading technology on a wide variety of project types.

Overall Lehr has worked on more than 23,500 projects and designed innovative engineering systems for new office construction, exceeding 200,000,000 sq.ft., designed systems for over 255,000 residential units, providing engineering solutions for commercial retail spaces exceeding 20,000,000 sq. ft.

They have rendered the design services for 1,200 hotel properties over 6 continents, created better learning environments for over 550 schools and universities, and designed over 250 medical facilities

LEHR has applied customized design concepts to over 90 diverse cultural and landmark restoration projects and designed over 500 special projects consisting of airports, food plants, supreme courts, army bases