Our Expertise


Value Engineering


STREE’s mission is to deliver high-value, best-in-class business development services, and efficient operational support to customers that drives sustainable growth and influences the quality of life within the MENA region and beyond.

STREE commits itself to add value by implementing the best solutions prior to and during the execution of the projects. It is a primary tenet of value engineering that basic functions are preserved and not reduced as a consequence of pursuing value improvements.

STREE follows a multi-stage job plan while carrying out Value Engineering.

  1. Preparation, Information Gathering and Analysis: We question what the requirements are for the object and determine what functions or performance characteristics are.
  2. Creation: Alternatives are created to meet the same requirements.
  3. Evaluation: All the alternatives are assessed for how well they meet the required functions and how great the cost savings will be or how much value will be added.
  4. Development and Presentation: The best alternative will be chosen and presented to the Client for final decision.
  5. Follow-up